Wednesday, May 21, 2008

South Saskatchewan River Ecocanoe Tour Map Guide

The Meewasin Valley Authority has recently made the South Saskatchewan River Ecocanoe Tour Map Guide available online in pdf form. This series of maps is an excellent resource for paddling the South Sask from Gardiner Dam to the Forks. Originally published in 1998, it has been out of print and unavailable for some years now.The guide breaks down the trip into sections or "reaches" each of which can be paddled in a day (usually a short day but that might depend on the section and on the wind). It provides information on access points, historical highlights of each region, and points of interest along the way. The original version was published on large paper sheets (11x17) with the map on the front, and the extra information on the back, with all of the sheets packaged in a folder so that you can take just the relevant sheets when paddling certain sections.
The maps can be found on the Meewasin Valley Authority web site.

12/6/08 Update: I just realised that the guide available online so far only covers Gardiner Dam to Saskatoon. I called the Meewasin Valley Authority this morning and they tell me that the second half of the guide (Saskatoon to the Forks) should be available online soon (two weeks?). Also, the MVA will be making black and white photocopies of the guide and will have them available at the MVA office for $10 to cover the cost of printing. I wonder how much it would cost to have a company like Mondrian print colour copies of the guide? (I have sent them a query by e-mail.)