Monday, December 13, 2010

Name Change

You may have already noticed, but I decided to change the name of this blog.  I decided that "Bryan's Boat Building and Paddling Blog" was neither interesting nor terribly accurate.  Hence, my blog will now be referred to as "The Mundane Adventures of Bryan", at least until I change my mind again.  That name is purposely non-specific, leaving me wide open to discuss whatever I want.  However the subject matter is not going to change, I'll still write about undertaking my small adventures, the Roughriders making it to the playoffs, cycling in traffic, travelling with family, things that annoy me, boatbuilding, and more.  All pretty mundane stuff, but that's what interests me.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

What A Winning Week

The last seven days have been pretty lucky for me.  It started last Wednesday when I was listening to CFCR 90.5 while at work.  They mentioned on air to call in for the chance to win a pair of tickets to Sundog, a local craft fair.  I got through first and won the tickets (enjoyed by my wife and a friend).  Then, the same day, I received word that I had won a Littlbug Sr. wood and alcohol burning camp stove courtesy of a contest being presented by Littlbug Enterprises and  Yet a third lucky stroke that day occurred when I received an email from someone I've never met or heard of, informing me that I had been selected as the recipient of a $14 million inheritance.  Following that stunning windfall there was a lull of several days, but today I learned that my entry into the Badger Paddles High Water Mark contest was also a winner.  There will soon be coming my way a new paddle & paddle sock courtesy of Badger Paddles, and a $50 gift certificate from Algonquin Outfitters!

Wow, maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket or something, but I don't want to push it.  Besides, I've got that $14 million coming my way - I sent them all my credit card and banking info and am now just waiting for the cash to be deposited.

I'm really looking forward to trying out the Littlbug stove to see how it performs for me.  Maybe I can reduce my reliance on white gas and my MSR stove, burning small branches and twigs instead.  I also now get the fun exercise of deciding on what paddle to select from Badger.  I think perhaps the 'Tripper', or maybe the 'Badger Tail' or the 'Badger Paw'.  Any of those in an oiled walnut or cherry would be nice indeed.  And, what to get with the gift card?  I will have to phone Algonquin Outfitters to find out what my options are with that one, but at the moment I'm inclined to put it toward a new pot set if it's available for me.

Oh, and before I forget, go here to see the blog post which served as my entry into the Badger contest!  It was a fun way to enter a contest and gave me a chance to write about myself in a way that I wouldn't normally.  I have to give credit to Rob & Jay, because I think the photo of Rod golfing and the photo of me soaked after a capsize may have been what tipped the scales in my favour.  Maybe I'll let them cook me supper on my new stove. ;)