Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Damn Shame

This is a bloody shame and to me is wrong in so many ways.

CBC Sask: National parks cut cross-country ski trail workCuts mean end to ski trails at Prince Albert National Park and Riding Mountain National Park
"One of the services we've reduced or cut back on or ended for this year is the track setting for the ski trails," Alan Fehr, the park superintendent for Prince Albert National Park, told CBC News Tuesday. "And some of the backcountry camping services, we've cut those as well."
I love Prince Albert National Park in the winter. It's quiet and the ski and snowshoe trails are super. Snowmobiles are not allowed, so it is one of VERY FEW places in Saskatchewan where we can ski and be assured of not encountering a skidoo on the trail, or have a skidoo or quad wrecking the tracks.

What we SHOULD be doing, is encouraging more people to utilize the parks in the winter, not discourageing them. We are becoming fatter, lazier, and more out of touch with the real world and these cuts are a huge step backward. I am so disappointed.

This is a blow to those of us that enjoy the outdoors in winter without the noise and smell of an engine, it's a blow to society as a whole in terms of physical fitness, mental health, and connection to the natural world, and it's a blow to the business owners who benefit from having such fantastic skiiing (literally) on their doorstep.