Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trip Archives: 2001

Yahoo Geocities is shutting down in less than a month and my site there will be deleted. Therefore, I've got to move some of my trip reports before they are deleted. Over the coming days & weeks you'll see them show up here at pawistik.blogspot.com.

Prince Albert National Park, Fish Lake, May, 2001. Four of us (K., Mike, Laurie, Bryan) hiked into Fish Lake in the South end of PANP.

The weather was cool and it rained early in the weekend which chased everyone else away after the first night in the campground. After everyone left, the sky clear
ed and it ended up being a pretty nice weekend. If I'm not mistaken, this was our first time that we met Mike, or perhaps it was merely the first time we really got to evaluate him!

Churchill River - Stanley Mission to Nistowiak Falls. June, 2001. Easy 4 day trip. Bryan, Rob, Rod & Jay, The inaugural NorthStar Expeditions trip! We were hit by a squall just after reaching our campsite on "Camp Island". We took shelter from the hail and downpour sitting underneath a tarp draped over a large log. Camp Island is a convenient, if rather small, camp spot several kilometers from Nistowiak Falls. A few meters away was "Shit Island", which is where you had to go to take a crap since there was very little room for that on Camp Island. You won't find these neames on anybody elese's map by the way. Nistowiak Falls was amazing, I highly recommend paddling there at least once. I think this would make an excellent destination on skis too.

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Churchill River - Devil Lake, Barker Lake, Rapid City. July 2001. Tandem Whitewater Course, Level I (3 days). Course was offered through the Saskatoon Canoe Club and instruction was provided by Horizon's Unlimited.

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Kingsmere Lake, Prince Albert National Park. September 2001. K., Bryan, Laurie & Mike. We went back to PANP, canoed into Kingsmere Lake and paddled the "Bagwa route". I think this might have been the time we saw a moose in the channel between Pease Point and Bagwa Lake.