Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A lifetime of paddling adventures

A lifetime of paddling adventures - Winnipeg Free Press

Don Starkell, author of Paddle to the Amazon and Paddle to the Arctic, and a prominent figure in the books Kabloona in the Yellow Kayak and Journals of the New Voyageurs, claims to be a few kilometers away from having paddled the equivalent of three times around the world. See the link above for an article from the Winnipeg Free Press.

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  1. Amazing guy.Kind of guy you would love to go paddle with.
    I've seen a bit of people disagreeing with his record coming up....funny part is I don't think he cares one bit!
    My kind of guy

  2. Hi Lee,
    Amazing for certain. I'm not sure that I'd like to paddle with him though as he's rather driven and I'm not sure I could keep up, nor that I would want to. My pace is a lot more relaxed. Having read his books, I am quite certain that I wouldn't want to do an expedition with him. But, he has accomplished some remarkable things in his lifetime.

  3. Wow. Imagine the things he has seen in his travels both on and off the water.... a true Adventurer.