Monday, March 31, 2008

Skeleton of a Flea

Work on the Sea Flea kayak continues. The cross sections (a.k.a. stations) have been all cut out and sanded smooth. Cross sections #1 and #4 are attached to the strongback & aligned as seen in the photo below. In the photo the gunwales are being test-fit. (See the corresponding photo from

Cross-section #2 is test fit between the gunwales. Only cross sections #1 & #4 are attached to the strongback during building. Cross sections #2 & #3 are positioned as seen below, held in place by the gunwales (and later the chines, keel & deck stringers).

Ready to determine the shape of the stems (I'm at about the same stage as Tom shows here).
I still need to cut & fit the aft deck stringers. Then I will double check the position of all cross-sections and ensure everything is level and straight before using tape to temporarily secure the positions in advance of gluing.