Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PVC Fabric

I purchased the 18 ounce PVC fabric and the HH-66 glue for my daughter's Sea Flea. I looked around at a few places in town and found prices for fabric ranging from $23/m to $10.50/m. I asked on the KBBB about possible differences in fabric but didn't find any compelling reason to believe there was a drastic difference in quality that was reflected by the price. After having a close look and handling the material, I could see no reason not to go with the less expensive stuff. I purchased 4 meters of red & 2 meters of yellow from Denham Awning Makers, plus the 946 ml can of HH-66 glue (I would have gotten the 237 ml can but they were out). My daughter picked out red for her kayak, and I got the yellow to add some sort of design (probably something like Anton Olsen used) and to be used for other things (float bags perhaps. They also threw in some scrap pieces of blue & white fabric.

My fabric & glue costs:
6 meters of fabric @ $10.50/m = $63.00
946 ml HH-66 glue = $18.75
So for about $90 ($81.75 + taxes) I have way more glue & fabric than I need. That brings the total cost spent on the kayak so far to about $110 including the cedar 2x6 that I purchased for $20. I don't anticipate much else in material costs as most everything else needed I should have on hand.

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