Monday, March 31, 2008


Based on the suggestions of other builders of the Sea Flea such as Marcel & Kelly, I have added material to the top of cross section #2. The top of this cross section would be called a masik in more traditional skin-on-frame kayak building. The masik is "a curved deck beam, often in the range of 6-7cm wide, that supports the front of the cockpit coaming" ( Marcel had noted on his web site that the standard construction of cross section #2 could be improved by providing a "thicker surface for gripping with the tops of the thighs" ( To rectify this, Marcel added a 2x4 shaped to match the top of the cross section to the forward side. Marcel has built 5 kayaks for his daughter, McKinley so I figured his advice is worth considering (check out McKinley's rolling video). I had some 1x6 cedar shorts in the cutoff bin so I used two pieces of that to provide the extra support for bracing with the thighs and to strengthen the deck support.

The fore deck stringer was notched to better fit into the groove in the top of the masik.
The masik and the rest of cross section #2 has had all edges rounded off and sanded smooth. The paddler's legs project through the opening in this cross section so it needs to be smooth & comfortable.

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