Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The To Do List

I've created another version of the To-Do list. For earlier versions of the list go here, or here, or here.

Kayak To-Do List
1. Sand inside seam
2. Install mobies
a. Mark location
b. Mask surrounding area
c. Cut patches of glass cloth for reinforcement
d. Epoxy in place with thick epoxy & fillets overlayed with glass cloth
3. Build & install cheek plates
4. Build & install bulkheads
5. Build & install bulkhead footbrace
6. Install paddle park
a. Drill holes for paddle park bungee
b. Fill with thickened epoxy
c. Re-drill holes
d. Attach hook with thickened epoxy
e. Install bungee (after varnish)
7. Install backband
8. Carve seat from minicell foam
9. Wet sand epoxy
10. Varnish
a. Wet sand
b. Varnish
c. Wet sand
d. Varnish
e. Rub to a gloss
11. Install soft padeyes
12. Install deck lines
13. Install bungees into mobies
14. Install weather-stripping into hatch seal channels
15. Carve & install handles/grab loops for bow & stern
16. See if it floats

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