Friday, June 02, 2006

To Do List, Revisited

An update on my previously posted To Do List. There are a few things I can check off the list after the last 2 weeks.

a 1. Build cockpit coaming lip
a 2. Fiberglass the coaming
(I still have to tidy up underneath the coaming a bit, see my comments in my earlier post)
a 3. Sand epoxy smooth on hull and deck (external)
4. apply 3rd fill coat to hull & deck?
5. sand the epoxy some more
a 6. Cut hatches
a 7. Build hatch lips (I still have to finish the lips, but the hard part is done)
8. build & install moby latch system
9. make & install soft padeyes
10. make & install regular padeyes (to be used for internal tie down points)
11. make & install cheek plates
a 12. carve pieces to fit into the extremities to fill the cavities that will be impossible to glass at the seam
13. mate the deck and hull once again and glass the interior seam
14. glass the exterior seam
15. make the seam glass transition "seamless"
16. make & install bulkheads
17. carve seat out of minicell foam
18. build and install backband (I have glassed a curved piece of 1/8" plywood to form the backrest).
19. drill holes at bow & stern for grab loops
20. varnish
21. sand
22. varnish
23. sand
24. varnish
25. install deck lines & bungees
26. install grab loops and toggles