Thursday, June 22, 2006

I won, I won!!

Recently, Bear Mountain Boats had a bit of a contest on their boat building forum where they requested forum participants to share their perspective on building small boats, asking the following questions:

  • Why have you built your own boat?
  • What method did you use and why?
  • How do you respond when people say to you 'that's nice but I would never put it in the water'.
  • What was your biggest concern before starting to build it? How did you overcome this?

I answered the questions (or at least those applicable at this point) and was thus entered into a drawing for the prize of a boat building class hosted by Bear Mountain in Peterborough, Ontario. I recently received a message from Joan notifying me that the first person offered the prize declined and I was next on the list. Woo Hoo! Now the only problem is to figure out how to get myself to Peterborough for a week (cash in some air miles?). Luckily the prize is a bit open ended so I can wait awhile before claiming my prize, perhaps next winter once I've built up some more time off from my job.

Thank you to Joan & Ted for writing the book that got me interested in boatbuilding in the first place and thanks' for providing the forum where I can learn of techniques from a community of builders.