Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowshoe Building Videos

I recently came across this series of videos taken during a snowshoe building workshop. The video was filmed in Stanley Mission (near where I paddle and where I hope to head off on a snowshoe trip later this winter) and the language used throughout is most likely Cree. An interesting look at building simple snowshoes (of the same type as mine) using only hand tools. These folks start right from the log and go through the whole frame building process. Despite any language barriers, the videos are very interesting and sufficient to figure out how to build the frames (more or less), but the lacing would require a much more in depth look for me to understand it.

The whole website is interesting, showing numerous aspects of Dene and Cree culture, including language and crafts such as birchbark basket making.

Link to the videos at the Gift of Language and Culture web site here.


  1. Glad you enjoyed. The songs in the side bar are pretty cool too I thought. Ocanada is Cree, and a bunch of kid songs.

  2. Hi abduk,
    Last night I was going through the stories and songs (in Cree, Dene & English) with the kids which they seemed to enjoy.