Friday, January 06, 2006

Blogger Photo Troubles

I realised today that some of the pics I inserted in the last post do not enlarge when you click on them. I was having troubles uploading photos yesterday. Blogger simply wouldn't do it for an hour or two, each time I tried it would start the upload and then tell me the server was unavailable, or something of the like. I kept re-trying and eventually it started working again. It now seems that each of those earlier attempts did upload the photos but it didn't link it into the post like it was supposed to so I had no way of knowing. It would also appear that there is a limit to the number of larger photos a post can contain and I exceeded that limit so it made all the other photos but the first two small versions. I can't find any further info on this so I'm only guessing. I am going to rename the picture files and try again for those 4 photos that didn't work. See the original post for the descriptions.

Aaaarghhh!!!!!!!!!! It simply aint working! I even tried to add the photos in the "large" size instead of the medium size I usually upload them as. Maybe I've used up all of my alloted space for photos? But that isn't supposed to happen with Blogger.