Monday, October 31, 2005

Laser Light Show

I borrowed a friend's laser level (thanks Rod!) and used it to project a straight line onto the side of the strongback giving me a reference line in which I had some confidence. I was correct in my suspicion that the line put onto the side of the internal strongback with a string was less than perfect. The aligning of forms has since gone fairly smoothly and with a minimum of frustration. I took my time to get them right so hopefully it's all good. I then installed the endforms which are installed parallel to the strongback and project into the ends of the kayak. The forms are all now fixed in place and a stringline down the center confirmed that they are aligned well in at least that one direction. With everything fixed in place, I flipped the whole thing over so that the hull side (bottom) is up. The hull is the first to be stripped so it is now in position to start the stripping (i.e. attaching strips of cedar to the forms), after I re-check that the forms are all still aligned on the horizontal plane post-flip.

Some of this work was done late Saturday night while listening to the soundtrack of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" as played in full on the air by CFCR radio (with commentary). Throughout the whole show I kept picturing the play as performed by Shortstuff Productions, and particularly was disturbed by images of Mike (a friend of mine, second from the left in the picture) in his skivvies!