Sunday, October 23, 2005


Here's a panoramic view of the forms temporarily set up on the strongback. It looks like I need to stand a little farther back for that function on our camera to work well. I also just noticed that the software stitched the pics together wrong so that there's an extra form in there.
Maybe I'll just stick with opening up the garage door and standing back a few feet.

My first wound of the project. I planed a good chunk out of the tip of my finger. I was holding the piece of wood that will be the internal stem (scrap door-frame mahogany picked up today at Habitat Re-Store) and with my left hand and holding the plane with my right. What I didn't realise was that my finger-tip wrapped around the piece of wood and was in line with the material I was removing.

My next step is to attach all of those forms in a precisely lined up and secure position. So far I've figured out that it's much trickier than it seems. I am finding it difficult for some reason to get the cleats attached to the strongback so that they are square. I guess I'll have to clamp as I screw them down rather than trying to hold them by hand as I had been doing. I've found a couple of points in Nick Schade's book where things weren't quite as clear as I would have liked. I may have to pull all the forms off again and add an "elevation line" in order to line them up with the straight line that's on the side of the strongback. I'll figure it out tomorrow.