Thursday, November 28, 2013

Painting & Traditional Canoe Tripping

Here's another video you might enjoy, I know I did. (Very "Mason-esque".)

I'm more nervous releasing this video than any paintings I've done. It may be because this little video hasn't been produced in a professional manner - I am not a videographer, but a painter. But videos are fun to do!

Although my first language is French, the video is in English so that I could reach a wider audience. And I just didn't want to subtitle everything. 

The video is a bit comtemplative, but it will give an idea to the fans of my work how I get inspired. So take a few relaxing minutes, and let me bring you on a little canoe trip in the wilderness.

Music: "Coast Through Life" by Kelly Bryarly, "Sentomentos" by Marie Ève Clairmont, "This Life" by Ryan Huston. "Coast Through Life" and "This Life" licences has been acquired through Vimeo Music Store. "Sentomentos has been composed and played by a good friend of mine. 

Time: 6min 44sec

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