Thursday, June 17, 2010

Saturday Sunset Co-op

Lee over at has come up with an interesting idea. He is encouraging paddlers to head out on Saturday evening (or dawn) and photograph the sunset (or sunrise). Paddlers can then send their photos in to him, and he'll post the likely splendorous results.

Lee says:
So here's what I'm askin:

  • Spread the word! feel free to copy paste/ link/feed etc this elsewhere!!
  • Saturday head out on the water; all day till sunset or 5 minutes prior.
  • Take a pic of the bow of your boat and the sunset
  • Come home later that night fire me a email with your pic.
  • Sunday log in to [Lee's] blog and HOPEFULLY see pics of the same glowing globe setting from other paddlers perspectives across this wonderful world we live on.

I don't think I'll manage to participate, unless I get up really early to go for the sunrise option (sunrise this morning was at 4:45 am). However, I think it's a neat idea so maybe a few folks who see it here will agree and participate.
A sunset photo from last summer on Kingsmere Lake.