Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Daughter's a Winner at

I've been meaning to post for a few months now about a new website out there called As a father of a couple of young daughters, I'm interested in the Campgirlz website because I hope to get those daughters interested in an effort to counter the Barbie & Disney crap out there that they are exposed to. isn't just for kids though, it's targeted at female campers of all ages.

Back in April, had a photo contest. No particular criteria were imposed and my daughter & I went through our photos and picked one from last summer during our Kingsmere trip to submit (I let things get too close to the deadline and missed the opportunity to have my older daughter pick out a picture too). Well, lo & behold, she was picked as a winner! For her efforts, she won a bandanna and hat (both from Gander Mountain), a t-shirt and a pencil! She is sharing the t-shirt which was a bit large for her with her older sister.

You can find the announcement at

L. playing with her award-winning Polly Pockets on Kingsmere Lake.