Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Good Life

It's a beautiful sunny Thursday afternoon and I'm sitting out in the background right now, enjoying a beer. It's a Kilkenny beer that I recently towed 24 km by sled on my trip to Nistowiak Falls so it's good to be enjoying it at a worthy moment (the story of that trip is coming in a post of it's own). I have the canvas tent set up in the back yard, and my daughter & I just finished a lunch of perogies and sausage, leftovers fried in a pot on the wood burning stove. At the moment it's t-shirt warm in the tent despite the half open door. Life is good.

Hot tenting in the back yard.

Cooking lunch.

A well-traveled beer to go with lunch.

St. Gregor sausage and fried Baba's perogies. Can it get any better?

My lunch mate.

Ready for dessert.

Sunlight through the trees shining as seen from inside the tent.