Monday, August 10, 2009

Chance Meeting

Last week in the office at Prince Albert National Park while booking in for camping on Kingsmere Lake, I met a fellow boat builder that is currently building a Redfish Spring Run. This fellow was also at the boatbuilding workshop hosted a couple of years ago by Kisseynew Canoe Company. If you happen to be the guy I was chatting with, could you please contact me? I'd love to chat some more and check out your current build.

By the way, we had the guillemot & the kid's kayak out for that trip (actually my entire fleet of 4 boats was used on that trip). We camped at Southend for 4 nights and took day tours up to Grey Owl's cabin, the Bagwa Route, and just to play on the beach. I'll try to post specifically about this trip and the one immediately before on the Churchill River.