Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bike For Sale

I have a bike for sale, a really big bike. That's the problem see, it's too big for me since I'm just a short guy at 6'3". This bike deserves someone that's better than 6'4".

The bike is a Kuwahara Apollo, Prestige XL. It seems these bikes were pretty ubiquitous in Vancouver once upon a time.

It's about 30 years old so it knows it's way around the streets. It's familiar with both Vancouver and Saskatoon. Gord used to ride this bike over the Lions Gate Bridge on a regular basis. The height of this bike, combined with the considerable height of Gord, put Gord well above the low railing of the bridge. Combine that with the height of the bridge, and Gord commented that it was always something of a precarious feeling crossing hundreds of feet above the barges and freight ships below.

Have a look at the length of the headset!

The bike is in decent shape but is definitely well-used. One of the tires is just about new, the other maybe a year or so old. The rear wheel is about 3 years old or so (replaced after I bumped sideways against a curb with the back wheel and it tacoed) and I think the front is original. The wheels are true. It has never been (Saskatoon) winter ridden, but this was my foul weather commuter. It likely needs a bit of TLC. I have done some of my own maintenance, but mostly it has been done at the local bike shop (not every shop knows what to do with a bike of this vintage but Doug at The Bike Doctor does). It has a certain amount of heft to it, but it beats my winter beater by a long shot in speed and weight.

If you are tall and want a fast commuter bike, this might be the one for you. I'm asking $100 but am open to offers.