Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Brunswick Boat Building

While on vacation this summer on Canada's East Coast, I heard a bit of a radio article regarding a kayak builder. I missed almost everything from the piece, but I did hear the reporter's name. Marc Genuist was a CBC reporter in Saskatchewan a number of years ago, and he is also a canoeist so I recognised and remembered the name when I heard it. Some time after our return home I contacted Marc regarding the article. He was kind enough to e-mail me the mp3 file of the article that aired in July. He agreed that I could share it via my blog, as long as I credited CBC New Brunswick with the piece. The piece features Don Rittwage, owner of Moncton's Kayak Exchange. Don runs boat building workshops during the winter.

To hear the full interview, click here.
(The link is to an mp3 file, you can either click it to play it, or right click to save it to your computer.)

The mp3 file was provided by Marc Genuist and is courtesy of CBC New Brunswick

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