Friday, February 29, 2008


Some people really know how to tick me off. I spent a year and a half or more building a kayak, and this SOB progresses from setting up forms on Sunday to glassing the hull on Wednesday!! Jerk. Hell, if it weren't for a canoe club meeting this evening he'd probably be paddling by the weekend.

OK, actually Mark is a friend of mine and president of the local canoe club (and the local snowshoe club too). He's working with another friend, Martin Bernardin of Kisseynew Canoe Company to build a canoe for his solo expedition paddle this summer from La Ronge, Saskatchewan to the Hudson Bay in Manitoba, a mere 1,400 km (visit to learn about his plans). Mark is building a canoe form, using conventional cedar-strip building methods, upon which he will lay-up a kevlar & S-glass canoe.

I look forward to following Mark's progress on the canoe build, but I best not blink or I'll miss it.