Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Late Nights On Air

Late Nights On Air by Elizabeth Hay is a novel set in 1975-76 in the Northwest Territories. So far, most of the setting for the book has been a CBC radio station in Yellowknife. However, as of last night I am beyond midway through the book and four of the characters are setting off on a canoe trip, retracing the fatal journey of explorer John Hornby on the Thelon River. So far the book has dealt largely with the screwed up relationships of various characters with the backdrop of an impending gas pipeline through the north. My opinion of the book to this point is not all that positive, but now that the canoe trip through the barrenlands is underway, I am optimistic regarding it's potential. If nothing else, I now am interested in reading more about Joh Hornby and fellow travellers Edgar Christian and Harold Adlard.

Update: Jan 29 '08 - Well I finished off the book last night. In the end, the book was interesting and overall was not bad. I'm not sure I get it all though and I can't say it was one of my favourites. The canoe trip portion was good and I was interested as it's a region I'd really love to paddle some day (Thelon River through NWT and Nunavut). I'll get my wife to read it next so that she can give me her opinion. I am also very intrigued by the idea of living in the north as the characters in the book did. However, I am not all that intrigued by messed up people having messed up relationships.

Next up: Reading the River: A Traveller's Companion to the North Saskatchewan River, Myrna Kostash

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