Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Next?

I have a list of things I want to do in the shop/garage (build a router table/stand, build a rolling table saw stand, build a lumber cart, build some kid's canoe paddles), but I'm starting to think about what boat is next.

I think a small kid's kayak will be first - the Yost Sea Flea perhaps. (Here is a recently completed example.) Boatbuilder Donald Taylor visited me while in town a few months ago on a trip from his home in New Brunswick. In addition to showing me photos of his guillemot, he also showed me photos of the Sea Flea he built for his 6-year old daughter. We talked a lot about the building process for the Sea Flea and my wife too thinks this would be a good thing to build for our daughters. I mentioned the idea to our older daughter and she is quite excited by the prospect of having her own kayak that she could help me build. In fact, I recently found this drawing taped to the wall: (excuse the b&w scan)
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It looks like she's taking on some nice wave's in her kayak!
So I guess that's been decided and it's just a matter of when, how, and what colour.

Then maybe another kayak, for me this time. I think it would be a stitch & glue in order to get something on the water a little quicker. Something like the Point Bennett 18 maybe. A folding skin-on-frame kayak like one of those designed by Tom Yost has a certain amount of appeal too.

Or maybe my next build should be a fast tandem tripping canoe. Like the Green Valley Winisk (I already have the forms for a Kipawa, but I think something larger would fit the family better) or the Bear Mountain Freedom 17-9.

Or, maybe I'll go big with the 18'6" E. M. White Guide canoe from Gilpatrick's book or Green Valley's Quetico. Or maybe I'll go smaller with a solo canoe. The stitch & glue Osprey II from Green Valley appeals to me because of the quicker build of a S&G boat, but I think it's too small for me (plus I can't seem to find it on their web site any more?). The 16-2 Freedom Solo seems pretty much perfect though for me in that category. Or maybe I'll build a small tandem, something I can paddle solo but can have my girls along while they are still small, or which they could tandem paddle when they are older.

However, before I build anything else I want to improve the wiring in the garage/shop & the heating as well. Hmm, maybe I should go clean up the garage first.

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