Friday, April 13, 2007

Anybody Want To Go Together On a Spool of Deck Line? - These guys have cord with 3M Scothchlite woven into it. Their Neoflect®Reflective Cord 3/16" would make a good deckline for the kayak with the added benefit that when you shine a light on it , it should light up like a christmas tree (albeit one that is poorly decorated with tiny silver lights). However, the stuff only comes in 150' rolls. So, should I order a whole spool which amounts to a significant outlay of cash, especially with shipping from the US added on?

That amount of cord should be enough for several kayaks. Anybody want to go together on this, or buy a portion of the cord off of me to help defray the costs?

I suppose I'll probably head down to Eb's and see what they have in more standard black deck line. I'd prefer to buy locally anyway, but they don't carry the reflective stuff (at least not the last time I checked).


  1. Just stoped to say that your Blog is really interesting. Wish you good look. ;-)

  2. I'd be interested in splitting a roll. I'm building a Redfish King, and while the kit includes black cord, the Reflective Cord has a much nicer look to it.

    The only downside is that I'm in Ottawa, but we'd need to deal with the shipping.

    BTW - Nice blog.