Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tony Olsen on Clamps

Tony Olsen's Kayak Bytes - Hatch flanges: I found an interesting statement on Tony Olsen's blog: "You can never have too many clamps no matter what your wife says." See Dear, Tony says so too! Tony is building a "modified Great Auk". Previously, Tony also built this very nice Guillemot.

Tony must be right; just to see what happened when I Googled the phrase "never have too many clamps" and got 2.47 Million hits! Add "kayak" to the search phrase and you get this, this, this (another Guillemot), this (that's an intersting one, incuding a very unusual photograph of the builder at work), this, this, and many more. That actually turned out to be a very interesting exercise since I found a whole bunch of kayak building web sites I'd never seen before.